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A lot of people had had the experience of cough, everybody knows to once fit rises,cough, it is very afflictive, no less than coming stop after coughing occasionally, eat not onlyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Bad, morpheus also can be affected, and still can affect someone else occasionally, pregnant woman is more special crowd, cannot take medicine at random normally, after occurrence cough, it is to need to those who use drug is in below the doctor’s guidance, using drug at random can affect fetal growth.

 Pregnant woman coughs how to relieve a cough quickly

How does pregnant woman cough relieve a cough quickly?

1, eat ginger piece. When midnight coughs, pregnant woman can wash clean ginger to be contained in the mouth, cough to be able to stop immediately, contain cough 3 times to be met everyday heal.

2, vapour of absorption of heat. Enter hot water inside vacuum cup, pregnant woman puts buccal bazoo cup mouth, inspiratory hot vapour, can effective alleviate cough.

3, garlic apply arch. Fontal acupuncture point emerges garlic apply in arch after abluent foot, stick fatigue with adhesive plaster, can rise to relieve a cough certainly action.

4, stimulation wipes cold acupuncture point. After using metallic ladle to heat in hot water, put in the palm to treat a cold massage on acupuncture point, massage 5-10 second can.

Pregnant woman can be used relieve a cough medicine

Although pregnant woman notices all the more, but also hard to avoid can catch a cold cough, cough of average person cold can take medicine, but can pregnant woman eat relieve a cough medicine? Usually, clinical go up relieve a cough medicine still has side effect, for fetal healthy growth consider, pregnant woman cannot take medicine, take medicine can bring about fetal development misshapes and restrain fetal breath, but if the case is relatively severe, can be in after finding out the pathogeny, a few property of a medicine are taken to compare below the doctor’s proposal relieve a cough blandly medicine. But still be proposal pregnant woman had better not privately eats relieve a cough medicine, best method still is dietotherapy.

 Pregnant woman coughs how to relieve a cough quickly

During be pregnant, pregnant woman also can catch a cold not carefully, the cold is the directest caused cough, lest the cold causes cough,pregnant woman should notice heat preservation all the more at ordinary times, once produce cough, ten million cannot medicine of illicit for private use, must be in of the doctorSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The proposal issues the drug that takes a few pregnant woman to be able to be used. But had better use dietotherapy, do not have medical side-effect so, smaller to fetal influence.

How does pregnant woman cough to do?

1, catch a cold

The cold is the main reason that causes pregnant woman cough. If cold symptom is lighter, can use the method of dietotherapy, do not use as far as possible medication. Cool boiled water can be drunk more when just beginning to cough, usable also pear, rock candy, red jujube boils water to drink. Cut pear Cheng Ding, boil with Gong Zaoxian, add rock candy to continue to boil subsequently. This kind of idea goes easily simply, drink a few cups of meetings to conduce to remedial cough everyday. Pregnancy cold dietotherapy just can treat pregnant woman cold effectively. If the symptom must go to a hospital to treat again relatively, should follow the doctor’s advice take proper remedy, do not use drug by oneself.

2, body empty

The another main reason that pregnant woman coughs isFall in love with the sea

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ItselfFall in love with the sea

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The constitution compares deficiency of yin with irritability, the phenomenon of cough can appear after be pregnant, when after the child is born, cough1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Cough symptom can disappear automatically. Such circumstance should notice more at ordinary times food, rely on dietotherapy to alleviate the symptom of cough, right now dietotherapy is different from the dietotherapy method when the cold, must emphasize at relieving a cough, lung of the embellish that raise shade. Can choose a few circulate in folk the small folk prescription with long very good effect. It is OK to if rock candy stews orange of gold of the pear of pear, tendril-leaved fritillary bulb that stew, candy,wait.

 Pregnant woman coughs how to relieve a cough quickly

3, sore throat and bronchitic, respiratory tract are affected

These diseases also can cause cough, at this moment right amount drink some of weak brine can very helpful, still can rise to prevent action. Of course, the word of be in a bad way still is should timely seek medical advice, comply with doctor’s advice. Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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