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When the child sleeps in the late evening, classics regular meeting produces a few problems. For instance of some children sleep the habit is very bad, may have indulge in idle talk, belch or the behavior of fart happens. But Morpheus habit of the child is gradually of nurturance, so need parent notices to observe the behavior activity of child days, if be scared everyday, did not concern below the situation that perhaps produces other issue. But if still produce serious problem,be to need to be solved in time. Do so 7 years old of children sleep in the evening is grind one’s teeth how to return a responsibility?

7 years old of children sleep in the evening grind one's teeth

The accession of Morpheus has baby in the evening the symptom of grind one’s teeth, think to concern with following element commonly:

One, there is helminth inside alvine path, especially ascarid, it relies on to absorb the nutrition inside human body and live. Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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It rises in the activity in the person’s abdomen, besides make person upset stomach, disgusting, vomit, serious person outside sufferring from intestinal obstruction, still can make a person nightly sometimes grind one’s teeth.

2, too fatigue by day or spirit is overexcited, especially the child plays too tiredly, the pallium after falling asleep did not get complete rest, partial nerve still is in exalted position, after also can falling asleep, grindShanghai noble baby

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7 years old of children sleep in the evening grind one's teeth

3, the stomach is dyspeptic, digestive function of the stomach is like stomach trouble to wait because of certain reason, cannot digest food effectively, the grind one’s teeth after as a result sleeps.

4, occlusive relation of the tooth is unbalanced wait.

Undertake preventing and cure in the light of the reason.

1. has ascaridShanghai noble baby communicatesSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Or pinworm is ill, should seasonable drive bug. Proposal 2 ~ child of 14 years old, eat anthelmintic every year.

2. should reasonable adjustment prandial, grain of degree of finish, meat or fish is Lenten and tie-in, prevent the child hidebound, teach even childA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Child impartiality is fed, do not carry feed, dinner does not pass full, indigestible food does not eat before sleeping, lest cause gastric bowel unwell.

3. suffers from rachitic child to use vitamin D and calcic agent treatment please, let the child undertake right amount sunbathe at the same time.

7 years old of children sleep in the evening grind one's teeth

4. parent should create a comfortable harmony to the child, be full of happy domestic environment, remove all sorts of undesirable psychology factors, cooperate psychotherapy. Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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5. has a tooth occlusive and undesirable ask doctor of department of stomatology to have treatment. Also can take composed medicaments before sleep, will reduce or eliminate neurological stimulant, decrease or prevent the happening of nocturnal grind one’s teeth.

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