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Mom of mother’s eldest sister is having important place in female health, because Mom of mother’s eldest sister is females one of index of physiology health, to the female’s pregnancy ability is having huge effect, healthy great maternal aunt is met regularity appears, let a female be in defend the respect prepares somewhat. But, the appearance that because body reason meets Mom of occurrence mother’s eldest sister to defer,has some of woman, this moment needs to urge artificially. Look below where to urge point of Mom of mother’s eldest sister to be in?

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 Press point of Mom of mother's eldest sister

Menstruation is not moved should be the thing that every female friend can have experienced. Generally speaking, menstrual cycle arrives 36 days in 21 days betweenFall in love with the sea

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It is normal to be. But if exceed this time limit, menstruation returns the word that does not come tardy, in ensure the circumstance that was not pregnant falls, hard to avoid can worry somewhat. Can think method goes urging classics. The point that wants massage thumb only can be urged classics.

Practice: Because the point of hand ministry is minorrer, operation of a few tools can be used when massaging acupuncture point so, for instance rear of pen, ball-pen (fruity and smooth place) , undertake pressing pressing. When massaging, do not choke with resentment, be sure to keep in mind to want natural breath. Massage make corrupt acupuncture point is more convenient, need not divide time place, press everyday press above 100 times, sensory acid bilges the delegate has the effect.

Massage attention:

Before 1. is massaged, rest piece.

2. crapulence, play knife and fork, after bathing when excessive exhaustion is being reached inside 1 hourSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Unfavorable the ministry that make a hand is massaged.

 Press point of Mom of mother's eldest sister

3. the first time by after kneading local if appear acerbity, small painful, bilge wait for a feeling, this is the cause that shows power is too great, should reduce strength.

Effect: Make corrupt the effect that acupuncture point has a gas regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, can make the function of the body expedite move, let classics blood can successful eduction. Can treat the problem that menstruation defers so. It can the circumstance that very good settlement enrages hematic Yu sluggish.

3 point of massage thumb lower part are had urge the effect of classics, many people massage this place to treat menstruation to be not moved now, the effect is first-rateA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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 Press point of Mom of mother's eldest sister


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Show be being done surely is the word of one individual body, so the abdomen that of the bottom correspondence of thumb is us, namely uterine position. Through massaging this position, with respect to OK and exciting abdomen, let abdomen be illogical the circumstance of free is able to improve.

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