[where is lumbar interverbebral disc] – of position of _ of place of _ of _ waist interverbebral disc

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The back in everybody can have lumbar interverbebral disc, begin number from the neck, from the top down can feel the bone of a circle, this is lumbar interverbebral disc, every can be put in tissue fluid between skeleton partly. But this place is specialShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Flimsy. If live at ordinary times in carelessly sitting position and station appearance, cause lumbar interverbebral disc very easily to highlight, main show bends for skeleton or changeForum of Shanghai night net

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Form, want to carry fine soShanghai Long Feng forum

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Good posture, so is lumbar interverbebral disc specific where be?

 Where is lumbar interverbebral disc

Lumbar interverbebral disc is located in between two centrum, it is a structure that has hydromechanical character, mix by annulus of pith nucleus, fiber 3 parts form cartilage board, among them pith nucleus is midsection, fiber annulus is all round part, the bag circles pith nucleus, cartilage board is on, next parts, be linked together with centrum bone organization directly, the ply of whole waist interverbebral disc is 8mm~10mm. Lumbar interverbebral disc highlights the life style with beard unreasonable change, cannot wear high-heeled shoes, can wear flat bottom shoe or choose to lose rehabilitation following a shoe to take exercise.

 Where is lumbar interverbebral disc

Pith nucleus is

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Qualitative, occupy the 50%~60% of interverbebral disc cross section about. In nucleus of children period marrow and fiber link dividing line apparent, but enter moisture of nucleus of senile period marrow to decrease, collagen is added thick, fiber annulus and pith nucleus dividing line are not clear, the pressure that in be being circled in fiber annulus by the bag, transmits centrum through deformation is radiative shape is diffuse. Rise when lumbar moves similarShanghai Long Feng forum

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The action of bearing. The height of normal person has change in day, the change of the moisture of this and pith nucleus is concerned. Evening relatively when morning rises short 1.5cm~2.4cm, change in old people less.

In addition, pith nucleus is in centrum and cartilage eventually board between remove a liquid to exchange action, the liquid in its inclusion can borrow permeate pressure diffuse to centrum, the nutrition of pith nucleus relies on cartilage eventually board permeate, latter and spongy bone are linked together closely, the spongy bone of centrum has rich blood to offer with cartilage eventually board between be apart of simple character of very close to each other, the change of pressure can make the liquid inside centrum has trade.

 Where is lumbar interverbebral disc

Patient of most waist protrusion of the intervertebral disc is asked for according to clinical symptom or body can make diagnose correctly. Main symptom and body ask for is:

① lumbago is amalgamative ” sciatica ” radiative to crus or sufficient ministry, ; of positive of experiment of straight leg drive up

The tenderness that in lumbar 4-5 or waist Fang Youming of side of the ligament between 1 thorn of 5 Di shows nods ② , have the radioactivity painful; to crus or sufficient ministry at the same time

Before ③ crus outside or hind outside side skin feeling drops foot muscle strength drops, have sideForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Reflex following tendon drops or disappear, x line piece can eliminate other bone sex pathological changes

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