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Article introduction

The male arrived 30 years old when, if appear,include cauline case, should go to a hospital be being done none hesitantly cut wrapping operation, because most male was in 30 years old to had had sexual life, if wrap a bine all the time, male sexual life can be affected badly, and likely alsoFall in love with the sea

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Meeting abigail sex appeal catchs a disease, because wrap a bine inside special and easy occurrence bacterium, so how should bine of 30 years old of bags do?

 30 years old wrap a bine

1. Clinical expression

The patient that wrap a bine basically has the following and clinical show:

(Opening of 1) patient wrapping is narrow, show pinhole pattern, can cause the dysuria of different level, uric shedding is slow, petty, peng of the wrapping when micturition risesForum of Shanghai night net

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(2) patient wrapping cannot break up to clean, accumulative wrapping dirties inside wrapping bursa, wrapping dirties but from wrapping mouth eduction, also can show small lump to put stay at ministry of channel of glans coronal shape.

(Dirty of 3) patient wrapping is put stay, uric fluid eduction not free, lookLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Easy happening wrapping glans is phlogistic. When wrapping glans produces inflammation, wrapping lipstick is swollen, have purulent sex secretion.

(4) patient embeds a sex to wrap a bine, ache is acuteness, wrapping oedema, narrow link is seen in upper edge, glans shows dark purple. And companion has dysuria, embed for long can produce wrapping and glans suddenly necrotic.

 30 years old wrap a bine

2. Differentiate diagnose

Bag bine and wrapping grow too and hide the penis to differ, need to distinguish carefully.

(1) wrapping is too long

Wrapping a bine is to show wrapping cannot flip through, wrapping opening is narrow, and wrapping grows to be able to use handgrip wrapping to break up too, let glans show.

 30 years old wrap a bine

(2) hides the penis

The little patient is fat, wrapping submits beak form, phallic skin does not adhere to at phallic body, phallic extruding test is positive, to hide the penis.

So modern medicine objects doing wrapping to excise an operation to the child. If the mouth is smallLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Cannot exposing glans is to spend packet of bine gently, can go to children hospital doing wrapping dilate to handle.

The parent comes home after outspread processing or need what give the child every day to explode the skin is sent clean, eye of element of Tu Dianjin mildew creams or besmear next the adhesion of appearance of law of prevention and cure such as cod-liver oil. A wrapping replace needs after the leg wants soFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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the position. Cannot break up to be able to cause wrapping to get stuck in that way all the time.

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