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In modern society it is the male has deep love for fitness not just, also have many femaleLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The gender is thrown in travel broomrape of fitness. Fitness is to reduce weight not just, it is to let body line look more fluent more. Crouch greatly even if the way of a kind of fitness that a lot of fitness abecedarian can choose, the ham muscle line that can let a person through crouching greatly looks more strong and handsome. And does female practice crouch greatly to be able to you let the body what kind of profit there is again?

 The wife stays experienced what be greatly

Female friend practices the advantage that crouchs greatly:

1, become warped buttock is close buttock

When crouching low greatly, musculus glutaeus maximus can get very big stimulation, often crouch greatly, musculus glutaeus maximus can become strong and compact, see hip can become strong from the exterior on become warped.

2, sculpture ham line

Because the female gives birth to manage reason, muscle grows very hard develop, often crouch greatly so, ham can become close send strong, line is beautiful, and won’t turn the male into in that way big thick leg.

3, muscle of back of the abdominal muscle when crouching greatly can get likewise very good exciting

The female that often crouchs greatly, back and abdominal metropolis changeLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
flowing and not overstaffed, it is to enhance the action with bounce the most significant force

4, the bounce that crouchs greatly to still can increase the body ability

Crouch greatly can achieve relativelyShanghai Long Feng forum

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Powerful bounce force, a quadriceps that crouchs place of force of comprehensive exercise bounce greatly to need, 2 flesh, hip and crus force, efficiency is taller than pure spring training, because this is of athlete of professional female track and field, basketball, volleyball,drill surely movement.

 The wife stays experienced what be greatly

5, raise the whole body force

Crouch need greatly to use the body the big muscle of a lot of place group, load especially crouch greatly, almost systemic skeleton should be participated in prop up, because this is whole,systemic muscle, skeletal power can enhance effectively in athletic process.

6, raise heart lungs function

Crouch greatly look be like simple, but the need in athletic process is actually big breath, the training of circular advance gradually can make heart lungs function gets strengthening ceaselessly. Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The note that the wife stays greatly

1, if want to let ham inside get more,take exercise, with respect to broaden then the distance; between double foot is like the side outside wanting to let ham to get more takes exercise, contractible you the distance between double foot.

2, the knee after crouching does not exceed tiptoe, avoid genu to close1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Of the section wear away.

3, proposal every other two days crouch the left and right sides greatly 50 times, cent undertakes for 3 groups, a group of 15~20 second, can make a bit between group and group rest, but unfavorable also had rested long.

 The wife stays experienced what be greatly

How is the standard action that stays greatly done

Crouch greatly, with lie push, pull forcedly standing side by side is movement of gold of ace iron three-corneredLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
, can saying to the training of leg buttock is not to have commutable. Become warped to wanting especially the girl of buttock, know to not have after all crouch greatly not to become warped buttock. But this movement also is to have taller dangerous sex, the detail that needs an attention is very much, need the redo after professional guidance, had not begun to drill oneself otherwise.

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