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Article introduction

In the each development time of little baby, little baby place presents the development that come out expression is different. Through the development of little baby expression is watchedForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Measure, can conclude effectively specific development goes to a little baby which degree. And look on psychology, little baby from 0~1 year old betweenForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Have ” buccal desire period ” . “Buccal desire period ” specific it is to show little baby is fond of1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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And if discover little baby likes gob can be ” buccal desire period ” expression?

Darling likes gob

3 months darling likes to spit saliva is what reason

After baby is born neurological begin rapid growth, the order of darling nerve development is surround outwards from the center begin, accordingly, the buccal week nerve of little baby is earlier than the nerve development of the hand, “Buccal ” is in 1~5 the tool that the darling with big month is exploration world, through the mouth

Will explore and experience the environment all round. New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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So he can say a tongue and come up against what to lick, this is darling is learning!

Tell from psychological angle, the child is born ~1 year old the primary level that is development of psychological sexual desire, namely ” mouth desire period ” . The main way that the baby of a year old of less than wins all sorts of desires to satisfy is buccal ministry (namely absorb, eat and drink, ) taking a hand.

Darling likes gob

Still having a kind of view is ” of cell of salivate of the ” after children is unripe still underdeveloped. So saliva is secreted very few. To 3-4 when the month, saliva is secreted gradually grow in quantity, to 5-6 the children when the month begins teething, dental bud went out to stimulate trigeminal nerve again. From this children saliva is measured with respect to grow in quantity. But the oral cavity of children is right now shallow, oneself won’t go down overmuch salivary pharynx again, flow then. Children if dribble is too much, want to notice to use clean soft towel to be wiped at any time.

The baby arrived 7- – after 8 months, because be inside the speech of dental speak or sing alternately that bud gives,nerval is stimulated, saliva is secreted in great quantities, at this moment stream

Saliva is met more. After darling is brought up gradually, salivary excretive adjusts function and deglutition function gradually hasten is perfect, the phenomenon of dribble can disappear. Accordingly, darling dribble is a kind of normal physiology phenomenon.

Darling likes gob

How to correct darling to tell saliva bad convention

1, be far from have the child that tells saliva bad convention so, broke away from such environmental child to won’t be imitated again. Divert darling attention.

2, when the child has the tendency that should make this motion, the parent can divert the child’s attention appropriately. Take him to do for instance a few other the thing that he is interested in.

3, teach darling correct drain mood, communicate more with the child, guide the child to wash with watercolors with right kind him discharge mood, what to have for instance dissatisfactory can use right languageForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Character expression comes out.

Above the account that the article introduced darling to spit saliva and the measure that how correct. The parent discovers darling has the condition that says saliva to need not worry, it is normal normally. But the condition that the parent says saliva to darling should have answer program. Divert the attention of darling as far as possible, allow the thing that the hand of darling plays from time to tome, avoid darling dedicated take a hand, create the situation that spits saliva.

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