” ghost sob ” NS transplanting edition decides net of official of Chinese of corresponding Jianfan Chinese has been opened

Sky blocking general announces game of subordinate and classical movement ” ghost sob 1 ” allowing the information that landed Switch Spring 2019 players is a surprise very, civilian net is already open also in now, decide Chinese of will corresponding Jianfan at present, ” ghost sob 1 ” NS transplanting edition offers digital download edition only at present, do not have the plan of hypostatic edition temporarily. · ” ghost sob (English: Devil May Cry) ” , other Chinese translated term: ” diabolical hunter ” , ” demon quivers ” , it is the electron of behavioral type stand-alone that Japanese CAPCOM company issues game, most antedate to was rolled out in PS2 platform in August 2001. With luxuriant battle expression is characteristic, no matter be setting, atmosphere, and the system is very excellent.  · ” ghost sob 1 ” told about management move office ” Devil May Cry ” Dante receives those who issued mysterious belle Trish to entrust in some day. Trish hopes he beats the king Mundus of the devildom that is about to revive in island of Ma Lie spy. In the past ever by the father demon of Dante a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of behind the curtain that the Mundus of place seal of sword person Sparda also is carnage Dante family at the same time. Net of · Chinese official is already open also, interested player can review next old times memory first: Http://www.devilmaycry.com/1/cn/

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