Meiweise and Connors

Login register a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of Mei Wei of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian and Connors – Maigeleige the news briefing starts work to gush danger the mouth 上海龙凤论坛

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The Meiweise August 26 and Connors – of Maigeleige cross group big fight, no matter how had victory or defeat also attracted enough eyeball, two people are in have not do not have when establish fight hand to hand be opposite less gush sneers at each other, meet to naturally personal enemy meets truly nowadays especially jealous inspect already feeling. Will be in on July 11 los angeles Sitaipusi center, meiweise and Connors meet eventually, this prewar press conference, nature is little not Shui Hengfei’s occasion.

Before the face that 10 thousand many nearly 20 thousand fist confuses, meiweise and Connors – Maigeleige went one case, it is the news briefing before a contest merely, attracted on 10 thousand p爱上海同城论坛

eople to come to the spot. In hype so long hind, people wants to see two people be the same as the expression when casing. Although be los angeles native, danmei power a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument did not get how many support it seems that however, the catcall of full field sends him, make king of this indefectible fist a little awkward undoubtedly, and Connors – the hurrah that reverberate like thunder enjoyed however when Maigeleige shows a body.

The Connors that wears business suit – foregone of Maigeleige rate arrived on the stage, on August 26, what this fellow will be walked along is senseless, he is too small too flimsy, I am OK the means with me is knockdown he, I want to tell you only, 4 bouts he can be finished, he had not experienced such competition, resemble me such force, I am afraid of him far from, I am already ready, my general is this and battle.

See so much person supports him, connors says to jump over excitement more, he turns to Meiweise’s a side, the acclamation of the audience and laugh applause as one falls, I am younger than this fellow, have self-confidence more, I am a happy man, for this match, I undertook very serious training, I can want to be able to be done, this fellow can forget him to still be on arena inside 4 bouts, because he can lose consciousness. He never has been experienced like me such movement, a lot of people are afraid of Meiweise, he had gotten a lot of, all sorts of regulation, all sorts of limitation, I promised him, very simple, I want to let everybody know namely, he is not what fist hand, if he hits MMA, his bout holds to no less than coming.

How does ability spend type to sneer at to Meiweise? Apparent Connors is earl爱上海同城论坛

y ready, he thinks the fist that wears 10 ounce is covered, can I agree, he asks the fist is covered cannot make of Mexico, OK also, still the fist that he is afraid of to Daimapi is made is covered, this is no problem, my what fist is covered can use, we do not wear the earliest MMA match the fist covers, meiweise far from him venture unfamiliar the match, he is willing to play the game that is helpful for him regulation only, but I have confidence and him to do.

After health accept gush is over, what Meiweise was taking jacket of sunglasses dress TMT to be on a news briefing is downstage, spot applause and booing sound are handed in miscellaneous together, I am able drop everybody, it is to be in no matter anise basket still is surrounding stringy arena to go up, I can beat them, I did not escape anybody, my KO a lot of fellow, on August 26, this fellow can become the next by me of KO, I just am real leading role, the audience should watch my game of course, they are to see fistic.

Subsequently Meiweise casts the core speech that gave his, he may be famouser, but what I value more is an interest, he has 20 million vermicelli made from bean starch on gregarious media, can you be the deposit that these people have 20 thousand dollar in the bank? He can earn 7 digit only nevertheless or 8 digit, I am to take 9 digit (on 100 million dollars) boxing hand, this fellow took 3 million dollar last come on the stage cost is touched cried, of course I or the president that should thank he and UFC, the match is not a person those who hit, nevertheless I will beat this guy on August 26.

Of course, meiweise still took a few outer part to Connors, he has an opportunity of course, stand together when two Trojan every time when the match, what can happen likely, a two boxing hands of 18 years 上海千花网论坛

old still beat Pakuiao. I am really old, when mixing 21 years old even 10 years ago when different, he still has 20 many years old only, and I already 40, but namely such, I also have sufficient capacity to attack pour him, this also is the one act that boxing confusing thinks to see, I begin from 90 time, the king of the world that had become 18 years, boxing apply mechanically of 8 ounce also go, if you feel those who use 4 ounce is OK also, we can see them think the thing that see to everybody. Training will be very difficult, everyday I very hard, I want to play this game very much.

To Meiweise provoke, connors – Maigeleige also does not sit, we two one is hit today here. Meiweise is laughing at a response, sure, hit here hit here, nevertheless (you) it is better to still take money to be hit again first. In the clamour sound of everybody, meiweise and Connors stand to a group photo, after two people are stood by, still be in word of ceaseless gush rubbish, even hold back does not live be about to start work, but everybody knows re上海千花社区

al great drama wants to just will be performed on August 26, at least this news briefing, hookup business and the audience that buy a ticket to enter the arena people, the thing that should get oneself want.

Original title: News briefing of artillery piece of mouth of plum power a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument star上海千花社区

ts work to gush danger the mouth prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan: 4The bout destroys his responsibility edits: Read related Huang Jingwei: Speech of English of Zhu Ting of news briefing of large award competition is abrupt get stuck forgets Sichuan of 2017-07-07 of word amusing full-court body of luxuriant county hill breaks down collapse news briefing: Preliminary count causes 141 people to break a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of couplet 2017-06-24 Mei Wei and Maigeleige to affirm cross group big fight to will bet a city to open Zhangzhou of dozen of city of spring of Fujian of 2017-06-15 news recreation on August 26 Xiamen

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