Old dry Mom connects divulge a secret by whole process we are afraid of! The foreigner loves to often do Mom so

Old dry Mom connects divulge a secret by whole process we are afraid of! The foreigner loves to often do Mom so

[old dry Mom meets with divulge a secret] on May 9 afternoon, the secret of trade of old dry Mom that bright substation revealed equipment to get attention south Guiyang city public security bureau reveals case detail.

According to Na Ming policeman of group of detect of classics of public security substation introduces, last year in May, company of old dry Mom discovers this locality supermarket Chi of ancient stemmed cup or bowl of a water, although brand, outer packing all differs, but both mouthfeel however height is similar.

Via checking, be suspected of filch the enterprise of this kind of technology never sortie this domain, do not have ability of this research and development absolutely. Company of old dry Mom never also transfers the production technology of this kinds of product to an any enterprises or individual.

Police put on record is investigated, the member that put investigation emphasis in company of old dry Mom to leave one’s post some gets on labour merchant personally. It is reported, gu Mou has level of culture of university undergraduate course, came to had successively held the posts of technician of ministry of quality of company of old dry Mom in April 2015 2003, the engineer waits for duty, because functionary job needs, he mastered company of old dry Mom to only technology of technology, production waits for core secret information.

According to exposure, these involve technology of company classified core, the manufacturing technology that incorporates Chi of water ancient stemme爱上海龙凤419桑拿

d cup or bowl, raw material deserves to compare wait for content. In addition, police maintains Gu Mou to have great suspicion even a reason, gu Mou holds a post in old dry Mom period, ceng Yin disobeys a company to set, be buckled to punish salary of half an year, monthly pay is close before 10 thousand yuan Gu Mou leaves his post, pay drops substantially to 2 go to 1000 yuan 3, be unhappy in Gu Mou heart, offer resignation actively to the company.

This year during the Spring Festival, gu Mou in area of the lake that watch hill one village is captured, inside the hard disk that police carries in its, computer, hunted down the inside data that involves secret of business of company of old dry Mom in great quantities. After its leave its post, Gu Jiao generation loses income source, because fend,need, he finds Hua Xi actively processing factory of a food is applied for, use anonym volunteer one’s services calls ancient stemmed cup or bowl of can improved water the craft of Chi, control cost while still can promote mouthfeel.

Offer according to Gu Mou narrate, the classics after its enter office reforms the experiment gains a success eventually 3 times, the Chi of water ancient stemmed cup or bowl that come out is mixed on mouthfeel not only height of old dry Mom is similar, unit price is cheap still about 2 money, according to explaining, in the time of about 3 months, produced Chi of ancient stemmed cup or bowl of 1000 1 water.

Classics detect policeman introduces, experience record millions upon millions yuan amount, pass professional audit business accounting, on one hand, because commercial secret divulges those who cause similar product to appear on the market, to old dry Mom sales volume of the product that be the same as a paragraph is mixed the sales volume of the corresponding period is comparative last year, still considered opposite to produce the effect of professional equipment on the line on the other hand, pass business accounting finally, just determined the experience record amount of one.

Current, this case has moved send procuratorial work office.

Be afraid of even us! The foreigner loves to often do Mom so

Hand of student studying abroad a bottle old dry Mom, developed an Asia early before a lot of years, moved toward the world. Old dry Mom is in abroad and be Old Godmother without the interpreter, call LAOGANMA directly, special bully gas.

England the big supermarket here, for instance Tesco Extra, price of old dry Mom is less than 2 pound, always sell very q爱上海同城手机版

uickly, chi of beans of classical money gust is to want those who grab to use!

Be in the United States, supermarket of a lot of Chinese sells old dry Mom, every bottles of price is 2 U.S. dollors about, local thinks generally good in quality and cheap in price.

On a of Korea shopping website, price of old dry Mom is 4500 Han yuan, add up to 24 yuan of RMBs about. We know to often do Mom ox, do not know her however in the world so influential force! Foreigner specially established group of appreciate of an old dry Mom on Facebook for her, had had many 1500 vermicelli made from bean starch. The netizen that the meaning that this homepage exists is a whole world all sorts of basking in old dry Mom. Somebody discovered super- big bottled old dry Mom, graph of Po of too impatient to wait is shared with everybody.

Still have appeal, than following faces this comes from Swiss friend:

Everybody is good, I should appeal. I fry chicken to love this thick chili sauce in the photograph, but who knows Chinese i上海贵族宝贝论坛

s called? But the government-owned net that I looked for to often do Mom did not discover this one! Where to go you just can be being bought? Who will help me? Too delicious really!

David Gagnon: Triumphant scatter + gallinaceous piece + = of thick chili sauce of old dry Mom is super and delicate!

Anna Hansen: Gust beans Chi often does Mom to match banger, potted flesh, sweet vinegar, will nod garlic again

Nancy William: Mud of potato of old collocation doing Mom is bes上海贵族宝贝论坛


Gary Stevens: Leather tower cake, new York is cut amount to cheese, often do Mom

Katy O Connor: The vegetable that bake pulls a copy, there are omelette and old dry Mom above!

Sherry Chicksen: Pizza deserv爱上海同城

es to often do Mom, delicate lunch

Rexarski: Old dry Mom matchs biscuit also is wonderful.

Magnus Grendel Samson Coleman: I love to eat old dry Mom when eating hamburger and pilchard most.

Jen Haskell: If you let me cook with makings of a kind of sauce only, I can choose old dry Mom.

Nick Lightbody: Is ad of sauce of industry moral pepper is being had most on the world what? Thick chili sauce of old dry Mom is very delicate.

Michael Boyce: Joker of dumpling of old collocation doing Mom, flesh, vegetable, bean curd!

Amy Sui: D上海千花社区

oes old dry Mom match turkey how? Be delicious!

Ben Whitehead: I have get into the habit of old dry Mom previously, a week is able drop a bottle. Collocation scrambles egg of what best.

Simon Stahli: In the program of first gear cate of Korea, old dry Mom is obtained judge optimal ort spouse!

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