Channel Metropolis Daily ” another name for Jiangxi Province of Fujian of the most beautiful tall iron goes ” sailing of 5 lucky netizens

Zhangchun ploughs to introduce channel Metropolis Daily to old comrade-in-arms ” an上海贵族宝贝论坛

other name for Jiangxi Province of Fujian of the most beautiful tall iron goes ” activity

Dispatch heart will love the net上海贵族宝贝论坛

austral Fujian on September 29 China dark self-determination meaning, often will come home henceforth look, eat the goluptious meal that mom does;

Xu Xingrong plans to stay a few days in Nanchang again, next secondary invite old comrade-in-arms to turn to fontal city;

After visitting ailing old battalion commander, zhang Chungeng is at ease much, next secondary sit technically motor-car goes Nanchang, have a look in those days old barracks;

After brotherly sister reunites, che Yuping feels ” the family still will want to reunite more henceforth ” ;

If Wu Jicheng wishs to see the daughter’s son of strong a baby’s completion of its first month of life, the plan accompanies grandson to play a few days in Nanchang…

The day before yesterday, 5 lucky netizens get together smoothly with photograph of family member, comra爱上海同城对对碰

de-in-arms, meet again, the dream is round, everybody is harvested full. So far, channel Metropolis Daily and combination of Changjiang Delta Metropolis Daily roll out ” another name for Jiangxi Province of Fujian of the most beautiful tall iron goes ” the brigade of oneiromancy, ring down the curtain satisfactorily also (travel to Pu railroad) .

This, be a dream only begin.

Camera lens 1: “Revolutionary friendship, it is me this is unripe most the fortune of massiness “

Autumn epidemic prevention should begin, zhang Chungeng answered epidemic prevention station of vet of fontal city the East China Sea to go to work yesterday. “An age, the chance that will meet henceforth is less and less, but of hope motor-car enlightened, can hold together our revolutionary friendship ” .

“He is a big voice, the voice in the phone is small nowadays a lot of. ” 25 days of evening motor-car, zhang Chungeng goes straight towards home of emperor of Pengliang of old battalion commander continuously. Original, before paragraph time, waist of the sprain when Peng Liangsheng of 71 years old swims, be i爱上海同城对对碰

n hospital several months, did not restore completely up to now, zhang Chungeng took 9 shrimp He Gonggao designedly mother sturg新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

eon, should fill to old battalion commander filling body.

The day before yesterday after breakfast, old battalion commander and in those days Zhang Guoan of deputy battalion commander as agreed upon and to. “Written guarantee in those days the revolutionary friendship below, it is my this all one’s life most the fortune of massiness. ” old barracks of Zhang Chungeng is in have ” small hut hill ” the Nanchang Mei Ling of good name, “Motor-car went to the lavatory now, next time I should go old barracks has a look ” .

Camera lens 2: “I should sleep together with Mom, cherish this kind of feeling “

Zhong Aihua’s a married woman’s parents’ home, in Nanchang Xiang Tang presses down tall Tian Cun, “After my Mom knows I want to come home, glad several days, the good food that should make a few me like to eat ” .

Tall Tian Cun spreads forth all the way along the affluent that stroke a river, it is Zhong Aihua in one’s childhood the place of amuse oneself. Not a little while, she is pointing to slope of a hill to say, when ten years old learn a bicycle, still had thrown one Jiao here, dizzy past of within an inch of.

When excellent doorway, already was lunch time, the maternal Liu Apo that leans in the doorway to await is greeted rapidly, mother and daughter two everybody does not t上海千花网

alk, burst into tears already.

Afraid daughter does not take course of excellent native place in husband’s family, liu Apo raised one table good food designedly, flesh of soup of green vegetables, chop, braise in soy sauce, drumstick, balsam pear, turnip… mother and daughter dish of two mutual clip, smile is full. Zhong Aihua says, she should accompany old mother a few days in the home, cross state of some of day farewell spring, “I should sleep together with Mom, cherish this kind of feeling well ” . (this network reporter Liu Qiuting of Xu Naping of Zhang Na of reporter of Metropolis Daily of Changjiang Delta of wave of Chen Jianhui Lv’s reporter civil / graph)

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