[what person is unfavorable edible wampee sauce] the side-effect – of the sauce of wampee of no-no crowd _ that _ what person does not suit sauce of wampee of wampee sauce _

Article introduction

In although a lot of people like,eat wampee sauce at ordinary times, but some moment edible are undeserved the body can appear a few problems, hope we must notice in the life alimental chooses at ordinary times, what person looks not to suit to eat wampee sauce together below.


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Apparent side effect.

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No-no crowd

Without special contraindication

The content above is the introduction that the person does not suit to eat wampee sauce to what, believe a lot of people are right its edibleLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Had a few new knowledge again, in the bodyShanghai noble baby

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Body is not contemporaneous with different environment our food also wants to make some of change appropriately, such body ability become better.

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