[bovine bone soup has nutrition] – of action of _ of effect of _ of soup of _ ox bone

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Bovine bone soup is a kind of our commonner in daily life Shang Pin, the nutrition of bovine bone soup is rich, and flavour exceedingly delicious, its main element is bone medium protein and adipose be dissolved by sufficient ground inside soup, such since boil the boiling water that make exceedingly delicious. Introduce below.

 Does bovine bone soup have nutrition

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The hiemal is optimal tonic.

The bone of ox of main raw material of bovine bone soup, contain a lot ofprotein, adipose, vitamin and calcium pledge the battalion nurturance that waits for a variety of humanness body place to absorb is divided, the Shangfu that be cooked with its and becomes embodies nutrient essence, calcium of stimulative human body is absorbed character, enhance immune power, be good at lienal appetizing action, suit constitutional empty particularlyForum of Shanghai night net

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Weak, appetite not beautiful, the person that lumbar acid back aches is drinkable.

 Does bovine bone soup have nutrition

Bovine bone soup can rise fight anile action. Because the most important in Ga of human body bone is medullary,this is, form the red, leucocyte in blood in marrow namely, as the ageing of the accretion of the age and airframe, the function that marrow creates red, white blood cell ebbs gradually, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Medullary function is reduced, affect the ability of human body metabolism directly. And the ability that the collagen albumen just in time that contains in bone soup can enhance cell of person system hematopoiesis.

 Does bovine bone soup have nutrition

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Shang Zhonghan has rich calcium to pledge, skeletal to the child development has profit. Contain in bovine marrow rich phosphatide and not full combine fatty acid, can enhance immune power of the child. Shang Zhong joins Jiang Pian and pepper, have the effect with drive cold wet benefit, especially appropriate winter is drinkable. Old little all appropriate.

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