[the beautiful glue bird’s nest that stew has what effect] – of advantage of _ of the _ bird’s nest that stew

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As the growth of the age, the skin that many females discover her begins flabby, facial ministry also begins to appear a few stain, this is the feature of female consenescence. At this moment much edible a few beautiful glue, AForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
The food such as glue, to alleviating consenescence is having first-rate effect, can have the effect of albumen of collagen of beautiful Bai Yangyan, compensatory human body, and if match beautiful glue and bird’s nest,be together, its effect also is met more remarkable, what does the bird’s nest of so beautiful glue that stew have material effect?

Rock candy spends glue bird’s nest to also call sweet juice bird’s nest, rock candy can fill in beneficial is angry, with gastric embellish lung, stop vomit is expectorant. ” this1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Careless Feng Yuan ” those who call: “With move filling emptyOn1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Sea noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Fatigue, cough spit red phlegmy, every hold glacial candy concurrently to feed, often obtain effect ” . 3 taste appearance closes, filling lung raises shade, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
The town coughs hemostatic effect, often use at the disease such as phthisical haemoptysis, bronchitic, emphysema, the person with aged young body takes this soup dish to enrage the function of powerful body benignantly.

Beautiful glue stews bird’s nest practice

Above all, It is to spend film half-and-half to be decreased, use lukewarm bleb 3 hours ahead of schedule, wash clean, beautiful film is basked in in beach edge, caky meeting sheds piscine blood water and sand in piscine ticket. Glue of bubble see things in a blur, if you are on the right side of this kind of large section spends glue.

Next, Want bubble one day, if be left,this is planted small thin floret glue 3 two hours are enough, both distinction depends on price and colloid, add Jiang Pian bubble to send with light Wen Shui, molten of glue letting a flower regains flexibility.

Next, After beautiful glue bubble is sent, stew slowly with stewpan about the same 3 hours, stew Cheng Xiaoyi bowl by 3 bowls of water, reserve, colloid pretty is actually much, if be put on the ice a little,froze with respect to achievement, the biggest advantage of beautiful glue is low adipose tall colloid, suit albumen of female filling collagen particularly.

Next, Bubble sends bird’s nest, purify miscellaneous wool, what use this is small triangle small cup, a person eats just good, about the same bubble a long time, besides medlar and rock candy, other data puts the handleless cup that stew, water floods material can, cold water stews 1.5 hours, join rock candy and medlar finally, bird’s nest and isinglass are good thing, eat much human body is not absorbed, bird’s nest is 3-5 gram commonly, it is good to lie between a day to eat.

Next, Good bubble bird’s nest is scooped up dry in putting beautiful glue boiling water, rejoin rock candy, with red jujube, red jujube is twisted with the hand let its crevasse more tasty, go up next boiler evaporate half hour, need slow fire is built.

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum

Finally, Bird’s nest is broken also should shift to an earlier date 3 hours bubble, carry wool, it is good with respect to simple stewing to fill handleless cup of colloid beautiful glue bird’s nest. Before giving boiler 5 minutes are joined ginseng piece, can add milk according to loving or coconut juice.

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