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Among daily life, a lot of diseases can cause cough, cough while guttural companion has gall, so we need to use vegetable fruit, it is certain to have to pharynx and larynx maintain action, but some fruits have malign effect to coughing, accordingly we should understand fruity attribute, want to notice alimental is absorbed while the disease arises, avoid the generation of unwell symptom. So, it is good that cough eats litchi?

Cough eats litchi

One, cough1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Can eat litchi

Can eat appropriately, cough is human body the protection breath of the secretion inside cleared respiratory tract or eyewinker reflexes a movement. Common cough causeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Be cold be caused by, what don’t have commonly special, can water more, if cough is serious, can give relieve a cough medicaments will improve litchi to be able to enhance airframe immunity function. Litchi flesh contains rich vitamin C and protein, conduce to the immune function that enhances airframe, increase disease-resistant capacity. The patient that coughs so is OK right amount feed litchi less.

Cough eats litchi

Cough can eat litchi

2, can eat litchi in the evening

A lot of people go up in the time that takes litchi, put in error of a huge: Regard the fruit as the sweetmeats after the meal, among them organic acid the mineral union in meeting and other edibles, influence body is digested absorb; In the fruit pectic have imbibe, increaseLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The food inside bowel is wet the action of degree, because litchi eats after this meal,return the responsibility of can aggravating stomach.

The expert points out, the right time that takes litchi is anteprandial left and right sides of 2 hours after hour and 1 meal. Above all, a lot of composition in litchi all are water-solubility, anteprandial eat be helpful for the body the absorption of indispensible nutriment. Next, litchi is food of low quantity of heat, do its make the same score soaking quantity to be coequal weight cooked wheaten food only? ? , the carnivorous such as coequal pork makes an appointment with 1/10. Eat food of low quantity of heat first, hold the total quantity of heat in the meal more easily to absorb. The 3rd, a lot of fruit itself are easy by oxidation, corruption, eat a fruit firstNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Can shorten its retention period in the stomach, reduce era its oxidation, corruptShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Beat rate, reduce the adverse effect that causes possibly to the body.

Additional, we also want to notice, litchi eats before sleeping in the late evening, otherwise the gastric bowel of plentiful can make your Morpheus is affected.

Cough eats litchi

Cough can eat litchi

3, litchi cannot eat together with what

1, litchi cannot is the same as with cucumber feed

Litchi contains rich vitamin C, vitamin C is contained to decompose in cucumber enzymatic, be like both at the same time edible, the vitamin C in litchi can be destroyed, lose original nutrient value.

2, litchi cannot is the same as with carrot feed

The material with enzymatic ferment of C of a kind of vitamin is contained in carrot, this material can destroy C of the vitamin in litchi, reduce the nutrient value with original litchi.

3, litchi cannot is the same as with animal liver feed

The liver of the animal contains a lot ofplasma of copper, iron, these ion can make the vitamin in litchi oxidizes, make the nutrient value of both all is reduced. Litchi cannot is the same as with pumpkin feed

4, litchi cannot is the same as with pumpkin feed

The principle that litchi cannot have together with pumpkin and cucumber and carrot are identical, because vitamin C is contained to dissolve in vegetables of additionally one kind of fruit,be enzymatic, eat the nutrient value that can affect litchi together.

5, litchi cannot is the same as with milk feed

Milk has rich protein, and the protein that with litchi commensal the word can make a stomach medium condenses agglomerate, the influence is absorbed, reduce the nutrient value of milk, individual constitution eats to still can cause diarrhoea more.

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